Jeni Signature Coin is a Dubai-based subsidiary of NY & Associates, an international group of luxury brand experiences.

Ours is an exclusive line of one-of-a-kind personalized coin jewellery.  From the cut and color of a stone to authenticating its clarity and carat, Jeni Signature Coin offers an extraordinarily fresh take on modern jewellery design. Whether it’s stud earrings, coins and pendants, or bracelets and long chain necklaces, our approach is about creating modern classics that integrate connoisseurship with understated refinement.

Designed with you, the style-savvy buyer, in mind, Jeni Signature Coin uses ethically-sourced gemstones, diamonds and sapphires; this, as brilliant hues of Yellow and Pink Sapphire dominate every collection.  Our signature JC logo is not only one of the most original in high jewellery, but represents an exceptional character and quality of work that is as magisterial as the diamond itself.

Whether it’s personalizing distinct pieces, combining from different collections, wearing pendants together, or presenting more affordable, casual gifts for men, women and children, we work with you to create delicate coin earrings, pendants, and necklaces unrivalled in sophistication and brilliance. 

At Jeni Coin, we have an abiding commitment to go as far as the customer wants to ensure satisfaction and produce collections of exceptional quality. That commitment, is one that we take seriously; one that we pride ourselves on fulfilling to you, the Jeni Coin customer.